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Marketing communications for science and industry

Every day, your innovations help bring the future a little bit closer. Whether in the lab, out in the field or on the factory floor, your customers look to you for solutions that help them work faster, better and smarter.

But sometimes, even though the science behind your product is strong, you may find your marketing message needs a little help to make it more compelling and easier to understand. That’s exactly what the art and science of technical marketing communications is designed to accomplish.

For over 30 years

we’ve been refining the discipline of technical marketing communications to help companies like yours tell their stories. Clearly. Convincingly. And for a lot less cost than most.

What’s new at Holbrook

November 1, 2019

After a marketing career spanning 35 years, our founder Peter Holbrook has officially retired! As the new owners, Mary Dellenbach and Briana Clark will continue their leadership and management of the company. Holbrook & Associates remains committed to helping you turn your marketing plans into reality with compelling, timely and technically accurate communications.